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Details And Hard Statistics On The Benefits Of A Workplace
Wellness Program Now Available On Tape

MANASQUAN, NJ -- Wellness That Works! Strategies To Improve Your Wellness Program's ROI, an audio conference on tape from Health Resources Publishing, focuses on the experience of several organizations that have found wellness programs do provide a great return on investment. The educational program was sponsored by and Wellness Program Management Letter.

The program provides a timely, low-cost way to stay informed, share ideas and get advice from such recognized experts as Dr. Ron Goetzel, vice president, consultant and applied research at The MEDSTAT Group and Ken Holtyn of Holtyn & Associates Health Promotion Consultants.

The tape cassette comes with conference handout materials and a live question-and-answer period that allows the listener to learn tips, suggestions and lessons on the benefits of a wellness program for their organization.

Proving the value and effectiveness of workplace wellness programs has been a challenge for wellness professionals. Top management wants "numbers" and hard statistics to prove the return on investment.

The intended audience ranges from anyone dealing with workplace wellness to managers, managed care executives, hospitals, managed care organizations, health insurers, major employers, government employers and colleges and universities.

More information about Wellness That Works! Strategies To Improve Your Wellness Program's ROI on tape, is available online at:

Wellness That Works! Strategies To Improve Your Wellness Program's ROI costs $189 and is available from the Health Resources Publishing, 1-800-516-4343, fax 1-888-329-6242. Secure orders may be placed online at

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