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Do-able Management Actions, Tasks and Tips Compiled in New HIPAA Compliance Report

MANASQUAN, NJ - A compilation of practical, do-able management actions and tasks, practical tips for managers to help organizations stay on track for HIPAA compliance by the April 14, 2003 deadline has been published by Health Resources Publishing.

"Ready By the Deadline: Vital, Achievable Management Know-how For HIPAA Compliance" includes essential actions, policies, procedures and administrative measures that follow the dictates of the HIPAA regulations.

From awareness to compliance, this collection of wisdom and advice of leading experts and consultants for a "reality check" over the few months as organizations work to meet the requirements for protecting patient health information.

This five section management briefing covers:

This report has been compiled by the editorial staff of HIPAA Bulletin for Management and includes advice culled from the pages of the Bulletin written to meet the needs of managers and administrators.

For instance, what covered entities need to know about transaction sets in plain English, third-party agreements, and what to consider before writing chain-of-trust agreements, and navigating your way through business associate agreements.

This 82-page briefing also lays out how to make progress on HIPAA requirements, acknowledging there are no "cookie cutter" solutions. Finally, organizations can get resources for HIPAA implementation, including the most useful and respected Web sites for details on the law, the regulations, and the most knowledgeable sources of HIPAA information.

"Ready By the Deadline: Vital, Achievable Management Know-how for HIPAA Compliance" is available online at:

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