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MANASQUAN, NJ -- The new searchable Managed Care Information Base on CD-ROM provides five years of MCO industry specific business information, facts, data, statistics, trends and benchmarks.

Instantly and easily searched using a high-speed information retrieval search engine, the Information Base has been produced by the Managed Care Information Center.

For executives, analysts, and researchers who need to have quick answers to a full array of questions or facts about managed care, The Managed Care Information Base CD-ROM offers desktop access to five years worth of historical facts, figures and trends in managed care, said Robert K. Jenkins, MCIC CEO. Users can "quickly pull up comparative facts and statistics."

The industry archive CD-ROM is easily searched using a high-speed text mining, information retrieval search engine.

The text information in the archive is drawn from news articles, survey results, studies and data gathered by the editorial staff of The Managed Care Information Center over the past five years.

"We've gathered the data from various sources on such subjects as premiums, costs, health benefits, coverages, co-pays and deductibles and put it in the form of concisely written reports," Jenkins said.

"There is no need to wade through countless pages of periodicals, journals and other documents," Jenkins explained. "In the time that it takes to type "Enter" the information will be on the users computer screen. And, with one more keystroke the user can save it to a file or send the information to the computer printer."

Info Base users can do their own specific studies on any aspect of managed care. "Touch a few keystrokes and pull up the summary results of, say, seven or eight leading industry studies on a given subject," Jenkins explained. They can "use the results for analysis, for planning, or in connection with fact-finding," he added.

Users are up and operating in just a few minutes with the Managed Care Information Base, Jenkins said. "There's no lengthy, time-consuming tutorial to have to study," he said. "Just pop the CD into your PC, type a few keystrokes, and be on your way doing the information research you need to make your job easier."

The search engine enables the user to search on any statistics, any word, or any phrase. The program processes information even as keystrokes are typed in. The user will instantly know if their specific inquiry criteria matches.

Nearly all search features are combinable. Users can make their search as complex or as simple as they want. Search speed is generally less than a second.

Every word in the archive is indexed and the program searches in the blink of an eye. The user can manipulate search results, move it around, cut and paste, and save just the data needed for later use. There is no need for special training to pull up the information users are looking for in seconds, analyze it, and produce reports, presentations or custom files.

The new tool helps with business activities as decision making, preparing presentations, planning, performing analysis, negotiating and gathering statistics.

The Information Base is ideally suited for use in a variety of health and managed care settings including executive offices, managed care departments, marketing and communications departments and by consultants to the industry.

Additional information about the Managed Care Information Base is available online at:

The Managed Care Information Base costs $895 and is available from the Managed Care Information Center, 1-800-516-4343, fax 1-888-329-6242, or from leading bookstores. Secure orders may be placed online at

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