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Date:                 Aug. 27, 2008

Contact:            Amanda Ceccato

Phone:              (732) 292-1100


Free Report: The C's Of Marketing: Strategies And Models To Market Womens' Healthcare

MANASQUAN, N.J. -- From the Internet to word of mouth there are plenty of ways to market healthcare to women, but what is the most effective way to grab them and pull them towards one program over the competition?

“The C's Of Marketing: Strategies And Models To Market Womens' Healthcare,” a new free report by the editorial staff of Women's Health Professional, describes the strategies used by successful womens' healthcare programs to gain clients and members.

Explore the C's of marketing Jeannie James, executive director of Women Evolving, LLC and Tanya Abreu, president and national program director for Spirit of Women Hospital Network, introduced during the audio webcast, “How to Successfully Market Your Women's Healthcare Program and Build Community Awareness,” hosted by Women's Health Professional.

It's not always about the catchiest headlines or stylish content, half the battle is figuring out where the women are and how to reach them.

“They spend a lot of time online researching questions about their health concerns, the health concerns of their aging parent, what's going on with their family. They can do it at night before they go to bed, they can do it between meetings, this is where they have the convenience,” said James.

The free report offers numerous tips any program can adapt to increase their memberships. Appeal to their wants for a forum or a corner of the Internet, where they can come together to discuss or ask or just to be a part of the organization. The fastest growing online community is the 45-60-year-olds, said Abreu, women want to be connected to everything and everyone.

The free report is available for immediate download. There is no cost or obligation. To download the report and learn how to market women's healthcare appropriately and effectively, go to:

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