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Date:                 Aug. 12, 2008

Contact:            Kevin Allen

Phone:              (732) 292-1100


New Free Report: “Identifying and Defusing Workplace Violence”

MANASQUAN, N.J. -- The workplace is the most dangerous place to be in America, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. The problem is so pervasive that the Centers For Disease Control has classified workplace violence as a national epidemic.

One in four workers is attacked, threatened or harassed each year, costing: 

Although workplace violence may often be unforeseen, there are steps to take to prevent it and to protect employees, experts say. The prevention of workplace violence is not the domain of any single department within an organization.  Eliminating violence in the workplace before it happens should be a top priority for every executive, manager and team leader.  Every organization should have a workplace violence policy just like they have an emergency policy.

A new free report, "Identifying and Defusing Workplace Violence," describes the prevalence of workplace violence in the United States, the profile of violent employees and the steps managers can take to prevent it and protect employees.

Another participant said, “We have increased the mileage reimbursement to our employees who travel to see patients to the IRS rates. This affects our bottom line, as a not-for-profit corporation.”

Survey participants have also noticed other effects besides increased fuel costs, while some have yet to detect any changes.

The free report is available for immediate download. There is no cost or obligation. To download the report, go to:   

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