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Date:                 Aug. 11, 2008

Contact:            Gina Dapuzzo

Phone:              (732) 292-1100


Exclusive Survey: Gas Prices Becoming Very Difficult For 60 Percent of Hospices

MANASQUAN, N.J. -- Sixty percent of hospices said the increasing cost of gasoline is very difficult on their hospice program, according to an exclusive survey from hospice letter.

The survey, “Economic Effects on Hospice Transportation and Services,” asked participants on the ways the slowing economy and the increase in gas costs have affected their hospice organizations.

Thirty percent said gasoline prices make it difficult and 10 percent remained neutral, according to survey results.

One survey respondent said, “Our program only reimburses us 42 cents per mile so it is the employees who are suffering. We are trying to be more practical and plan better for scheduling visits.”

Another participant said, “We have increased the mileage reimbursement to our employees who travel to see patients to the IRS rates. This affects our bottom line, as a not-for-profit corporation.”

Survey participants have also noticed other effects besides increased fuel costs, while some have yet to detect any changes.

Some effects the hospice professionals mentioned in the survey are a decrease in donations, less incoming money from fundraisers, staff cuts, decrease in volunteer numbers and volunteer time, and less referrals.

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