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Resources To Assist In Understanding HIPAA Requirements Now Available

MANASQUAN, NJ -- To assist health and managed care organizations with understanding the myriad requirements of HIPAA and to help organizations asses what they must do, Health Resources Publishing has been developing a series of resources.

Following is what is currently available:

HIPAA news and information coverage of developments as they unfold are available on a regular basis in "HIPAA Bulletin for Management," the industry pace-setting monthly management report on all aspects of health information services relating to the transition of providers and payors to electronic records and Web-enabled applications. For more information visit:

"HIPAA Compliance: Working Through the Priorities," a tape cassette recording of an audio conference featuring presentations by three leading experts on HIPAA. The panelists represented an excellent blend of expertise and backgrounds law, information technology, and strategic planning and management. The speakers addressed executive concerns from the "real-world" of working with clients around the country. For complete details go to:

"HIPAA Progress 2002: Your Work Plan Priorities for Compliance," provides real-world, practical solutions and answers to professionals through this special audio conference presentation to cope with implementing and complying with the law's "Developing HIPAA Awareness and Training Programs For Your Staff" program was suggested by colleagues as a needed "next step" in assuring that their organizations adapt the work-a-day "cultural" changes necessary to come into compliance with the HIPAA requirements. Strategies for developing HIPAA education plans must address a broad spectrum of issues. Under section 164.530, of the HIPAA Administrative requirements, there is the requirement for standard training. This education program is now available on CD-ROM complete with PDF slide handout conference material. For complete details visit:

"HIPAA Solution Providers" is a search category at the The goal of the category is to help health insurance plans, managed care organizations, healthcare providers, physician practice management and management services organizations quickly find qualified vendors that are offering a variety of solutions, software and services to help with meeting the HIPAA requirements.

There are many pieces to the HIPAA puzzle to solve and a review of the vendor offerings can help you speed the process. To explore the visit:

For additional information, contact the MCIC, P.O. Box 456, Allenwood, NJ 08720; call toll-free 1-800-516-4343, fax toll-free 1-888-329-6242, e-mail, or visit