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New Report: Grant Funding for Community-Based Healthcare Services

MANASQUAN, NJ -- As healthcare services continue the out-of-hospital transition to community-based programs and initiatives, funders are shifting their dollars and grants priorities to support these new initiatives.

Charitable foundations, company-sponsored foundations and government agencies are revising their funding and grant programs and directing millions of dollars to a range of community-based healthcare programs and services.

"Grant Funding for Community-Based Healthcare Services" was produced to provide interested grant seekers and the organizations they represent with a frame of reference for grant funding.

From the $20 million "Community Partnership for Older Adults" focusing on fostering private partnerships from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to the $13.6 million 3M program to build and strengthen healthy communities, to the $69 million for early intervention and outpatient care for community-based clinics and public health departments serving low-income persons with HIV & AIDS, there are numerous funding opportunities available to healthcare organizations developing programs in their communities.

"Grant Funding for Community-Based Healthcare Services" will help an organization set a plan to attract new grants for services.

The report includes the five preventive health focus areas of the Aetna Foundation Community Grants Program and the $2 million program to move theory to practice by adapting existing treatments for use in community drug clinics.

The report also describes matching grants for partnerships in support of innovative, community-based projects that improve health for underserved and at-risk populations including promoting healthy communities and lifestyles; the $113 million grant from HHS for family caregivers, and; the $10 million foundation grant to boost rural communities.

"Grant Funding for Community-Based Healthcare Services" is organized in five sections including:

The report provides insight into the California Foundation's "Communities First" and "Local Opportunities Fund," supporting the idea that communities are central to health improvement; and the funding for oral health promotion programs/dental health education in schools, health fairs, mobile dental clinics and outreach programs.

"Grant Funding for Community-Based Healthcare Services" suggests the ways to find funding for organizational services and new programs. The Brookdale Foundation funding for social model dementia day programs and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grants supporting affordable assisted living options in smaller and rural communities are case studies reflected in the report.

While healthcare organizations are working on creating, strengthening and expanding services in the community, this report reveals ways an organization can successfully obtain the funds they need.

"Grant Funding for Community-Based Healthcare Services" is available online at:

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