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Date:                 July 9, 2008

Contact:            Amanda Ceccato

Phone:              (732) 292-1100


Four Steps To Prevent Reimbursement Claim Denials

MANASQUAN, N.J. -- Claim denials continues to be a major concern for providers in the healthcare industry, with four steps any organization can reduce the amount of claims denied, increasing cash flow.

A new free report offers four steps taken from an audio conference hosted by Healthcare Reimbursement Monitor called “Denials Prevention: Management Strategies, Best Practices, and Procedures to Optimize Reimbursement and Improve Cash Flow.”

Among the audio conference speakers was Pam Waymack, the managing director of Phoenix Services Managed Care Consulting. She presented her four strategies to prevent and reduce denials while using your denial databases at a higher level.

“I don't even think we knew what a denial was 25 years ago, but today everywhere we look there is more and more concern, [which is] why these are important strategies if we are to keep our bottom line healthy,” said Waymack.

The free report, “Four Steps To Prevent Reimbursement Claim Denials” expands on tips to analyze, communicate, enhance and share your way to reduced claim denials from payers.

“This is based on the work I've done around the country and seeing some really best practice organizations and then helping some other not so best practice organizations recover dollars that were really theirs and just had not been taken off the table,” said Waymack.

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The free report is available for immediate download. There is no cost or obligation. To download the report, go to:

A CD-ROM recording of the speaker presentations and all conference materials for “Denials Prevention: Management Strategies, Best Practices, and Procedures to Optimize Reimbursement and Improve Cash Flow” is now available to order online or by calling toll free (800) 516-4343. For more information visit

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