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New Resource Helps Employee Assistance Professionals Meet Increasing Challenges

MANASQUAN, NJ -- From the introduction of online employee assistance (EA) services, to shifting trends in workplace drug use and the types of services EA professionals are expected to provide, today's employee assistance programs (EAPs) are posing a greater challenge for individuals in the field.

The Employee Assistance Program Management Yearbook second edition, an in-depth guide from the publisher of the professional newsletter advisory service Employee Assistance Program Management Letter, helps EA professionals tackle all the tough issues that arise when managing their company's EAP, whether they're new to the field or are more seasoned EA veterans.

In addition to providing details on current salary and benefit trends for EA professionals, Employee Assistance Program Management Yearbook, second edition, offers tips on how to establish the need for an EAP and prove its worth.

Chapters cover focusing on EAPs, EAP management techniques, chemical dependency, treatment issues, EAPs and managed care, work and family problems, violence in the workplace, trends affecting EAPs, behavioral health and the EAP market report.

Essential management strategies also are addressed, including how to increase supervisory referrals, master mandatory referrals, and serve clients for maximum results.

Employee Assistance Program Management Yearbook also provides information on such specific components of programs as diversity, work/life initiatives, workplace violence and more. Plus, it gives information on chemical dependency and mental health issues.

Totaling 260 pages, the second edition of the Employee Assistance Program Management Yearbook tracks trends in the industry, including the growth in the technopathologies, the increasing use of EAPs in conjunction with wellness programs and the greatest emphasis on accountability and EAP performance measurement.

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Employee Assistance Program Management Yearbook, Second Edition costs $149 and is available from the Health Resources Publishing, 1-800-516-4343, fax 1-888-329-6242, or from leading bookstores. Secure orders may be placed online at

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