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Date:                 March 23, 2010

Contact:            Robert Jenkins

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Funding Help for Non-Profit Wellness Programs Subject of New Special Report  

MANASQUAN, N.J. -- March 23, 2010: Grant Funding for Wellness and Health Promotion Programs has been published by the Wellness Management Information Center.

The special report was developed in response to the need for more information on developing sources of funds to support wellness programs. Funding is the special fuel, the key ingredient in starting or expanding a wellness program,

Especially in these difficult financial times, plans can be shelved because of budget issues. Funding, wellness managers tell us, is something they struggle with.

Wellness and health promotion programs offered by hospitals, colleges and universities, community-based initiatives and other non-profit organizations have an option for securing the funds they need: grants and contracts from charitable foundations, company-sponsored foundations and certain government agencies.

That’s why Grant Funding for Wellness and Health Promotion Programs has been developed by the Wellness Management Information Center editorial team.

Samples of Grant Funding Made Available to Other Programs

This 75-page report provides just a sampling of the broad range of programs and projects that have been successfully funded in recent years to help illustrate the possibilities available to wellness managers in search of need program funds.

The kinds of wellness programs being funded and highlighted in the report include:

Organizations that make such grants for wellness and health promotion include: national charitable foundations, community foundations, small family foundations, company-sponsored foundations and foundations sponsored by managed care organizations and numerous government agencies.

Editors’ Note: This is not a directory of grants or a how-to manual. This report shows the user what is possible and what other organizations are doing. The report provides an illustration of the kinds programs that can and are being funded to show the opportunities for funding wellness and health promotion programs in a variety of settings.

The report is ideal for use as a "starting point" on grants research to identify and pinpoint historical funder interest and continuing sources of funding for wellness and health promotion programs. The report can help to stimulate thinking and planning with a focus on the funding opportunities that can help support your organization’s programs.

Grant Funding for Wellness and Health Promotion Programs is a funding sampler. The report aims to help create an awareness of the range and various types of wellness initiatives that can get financial support when the proposal gets to the right type of funding source with a demonstrated interest in the same kind of projects.

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