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Welcome to the HRP Press Room

01/07/11:  Workplace Wellness Management 2011: New Mandates, New Opportunities, New Directions
Audio Conference Webcast Scheduled for Thursday, January 20, 2011

09/17/10:  Accountable Care Organizations: The Opportunities and the Risks
Audio Conference Webcast Scheduled for Thursday, September 30, 2010

09/16/10:  State Audits for Unclaimed Property Law Compliance: Knowing and Managing the Risk Factors
Audio Conference Webcast Scheduled for Thursday, September 23, 2010

09/07/10:  Reimbursement Briefing Planned on CMS Fiscal Year 2011 Inpatient Prosepctive Payment System Rule
Audio Conference Webcast Scheduled for Tuesday, September 14, 2010

06/08/10:  New Hospice Training Program: Building Community Awareness Face-To-Face
Audio Conference Webcast Scheduled for Wednesday, June 23, 2010

05/06/10: The Hospice and Palliative Care Management Yearbook: Looking Back, To Move Forward

03/23/10: Funding Help for Non-Profit Wellness Programs Subject of New Special Report

03/03/10: What's Ahead for Employee Assistance Program Management
Audio Conference Scheduled for March 18, 2010

09/09/09: Reimbursement Briefing: New FY 2010 Medicare Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) Final Rule -- What Your Hospital Needs to Know

07/07/09: Will Your Organization Be In Compliance With the Identity Theft FTC Red Flags Rule? 

06/29/09: How to Insure Your Organization Complies With the Sweeping New Changes and More Stringent HIPAA and Privacy Rules Under the

08/29/08: Hospice in the Nursing Home: How to Build, Manage and Sustain a Successful and Rewarding Partnership for the Best Possible End-of-Life Care

08/28/08: New Free Report: “Innovative Adult Day Programs”

08/27/08: Free Report: The C's Of Marketing: Strategies And Models To Market Womens' Healthcare

08/26/08: Adult Day Services Hurting From Economic Woes, Gasoline Prices

08/25/08: Money Follows the Person Demonstration Offers HCBS To Transitioning Individuals

08/21/08: Wellness Management Boot Camp: How to Select the Best Health Risk Appraisal for Your Organization
Audio Conference Scheduled for Sept. 18, 2008

08/12/08: New Free Report: “Identifying and Defusing Workplace Violence”

08/11/08: Exclusive Survey: Gas Prices Becoming Very Difficult For 60 Percent of Hospices

08/08/08: New EAP Management Yearbook, Third Edition Now Available

08/07/08: Management Briefing: Medicare Inpatient Prospective Payment System Final Rule for FY2009 Audio Conference Scheduled for Sept. 11, 2008

07/31/08: New Free Report: “Veterans Face A Rise Of Mental Health Issues, Employers Can Help”

07/29/08: Exclusive Survey: 63 Percent Of Hospice Professionals Said CoPs Are Very Important

07/11/08: Senior Population Showing Decrease In Cognitive Impairment

07/10/08: Prepare For RAC Audits, Know What They Are Looking For

07/09/08: Four Steps To Prevent Reimbursement Claim Denials

07/08/08: Exclusive Survey: Nearly Three-Quarters Of Hospices Negatively Affected By Medicare Rates

07/07/08: Hospices Find Referral Source Solutions With Audio Conference From Hospice Letter

07/03/08: Know What's Expected For Reimbursement With Implementations Of Value-Based Purchasing With Audio Conference CD-ROM

06/26/08: New Free Report: “Five Steps To Develop Long Term Relationships With Funders”

06/24/08: New Free Report: “Six Key Trends For Senior Services In 2008”

06/12/08: Money Follows the Person Program: How Adult Day Services Can Tap Into Existing Medicaid Funds Audio Conference Scheduled for July 31, 2008

06/06/08: The New Hospice Conditions of Participation: Details and Insight into CMS' Final Rule Audio Conference Scheduled for July 10, 2008

05/07/08: Tapping into Your Hospice Referral Sources: Successful Strategies for Boosting Referrals and ALOS Audio Conference Scheduled for June 4, 2008

03/26/08: What's Ahead for Healthcare Reimbursement: Are You Ready for the New Payment Models and Initiatives?

12/18/06: Do Not Wait! Medicare Hospice COPs: What You Need To Know About the Final Rule

11/14/06: New Medicare 2007 Outpatient and Reimbursement Final Rule Changes

09/02/06: Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment System 2007 Final Rule Changes

03/13/06:A New Reference for Health Grants Research 

01/03/06: The Employee Assistance Professional as Executive Coach

11/02/05: Winning Ideas in Health Plan Wellness and Health Improvement Programs: What’s Working Today to Achieve Member Commitment and Participation

10/31/05: Wellness Program Management Yearbook, 3rd Edition

10/04/04:  How To Manage Your Physician Organization's Payor Relationships Under The Shadow Of The FTC Audio Conference Scheduled

09/29/04:  The Future of Women's Healthcare - 2005 Teleconference Scheduled

08/03/04:  "Audio Conference Set On Grant Funding Opportunities For Health Organizations"

07/26/04:  "11 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Raise More Money From Foundations Available Free"

04/29/04:  "Health Grants Alert Service Delivers Funding Research and Reference to Members"

12/12/03:  New Free Report: "Can Incentives Help Turn the Corner in Healthcare Reimbursement?"

7/16/03:  New Report: Grant Funding for Community-Based Healthcare Services

2/5/03:  Funding Reference Identifies Grants for Healthcare Senior Services

2/4/03:  Audio Conference Set for Healthcare Organizations Seeking Grants

1/13/03:  Number of HMOs Dropping Nationwide, PPOs Increasing MCIC Finds

1/6/03:  Health Screenings Among Most Popular Workplace Wellness Programs, Survey Finds

12/03/02:  Do-able Management Actions, Tasks and Tips Compiled in New HIPAA Compliance Report

10/08/02:  New Audio Conference To Assist Wellness Program Managers

10/01/02:  Professional Desk Reference for Workplace Wellness Program Managers Produced

9/30/02:  Managed Care Information Base On CD-ROM Text Mining Retrieval Engine Enables Health-Managed Care Professionals Pinpoint Information Rapidly

9/24/02:  New Web Site Dedicated to Educating Healthcare Industry on HIPAA

8/26/02:  New Audio Conference To Develop An Organization's HIPAA Policies and Procedures

8/01/02:  HIPAA Training Focus Of Special Audio Conference On CD-ROM

7/28/02:  Resources To Assist In Understanding HIPAA Requirements Now Available

7/26/02:  Smoking Cessation Programs Are Good Investments

7/25/02:  New Free Report On HIPAA Compliance Helps the Understanding For Healthcare Managers

7/25/02:  Details And Hard Statistics On The Benefits Of A Workplace Wellness Program Now Available On Tape

7/15/02:  Worksite Wellness Promotion Is A Growing Trend

7/10/02:  New Edition of the National Directory of Adult Day Care Centers Published; Helps Work-life Program and Family Caregivers Compare and Evaluate Services

7/10/02:  Special Report on the Importance of Hospice Care is Available

08/22/02:  Management Guide Released for Wellness and Health Promotion Professionals

8/01/01:  New Resource Helps Development Professionals Find Grant Funding

8/01/01:  New Ninth Edition Resource Provides Answers For Healthcare Grantseekers

5/23/01:  HIPAA Awareness Educational Program Available On Tape

3/29/01:  New Resource Helps Employee Assistance Professionals Meet Increasing Challenges

3/15/01:  Management Guide Released for Wellness and Health Promotion Professionals