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Health Resources Publishing has been covering the hospice industry since 1979. Through newsletters, books and conferences, HRP provides hospice professionals with industry news and intelligence to help them manage their programs.

hospice letter has been published monthly since 1979. When hospice letter began, the hospice concept of caring for the terminally ill was just being introduced in the United States. At that time, federal officials had identified fewer than 60 hospice programs operating or being formed. There are now thousands of hospices in the United States.

hospice letter stays on top of the most current challenges facing hospice executives, including legislative developments, the average length of stay, Medicare and Medicaid reform, end-of-life care, managed care plan contracting, physician relations, and provider networks.

Each month, you'll get the latest management intelligence regarding financing strategies, marketing success stories, solutions to staffing and management challenges, funding opportunities and legislative alerts, and updates about federal agencies, such as the Office of Inspector General and CMS. And, you'll get information you won't find anywhere else - like our budget, year-end, and salary and benefits surveys.

By reporting on activities in the nation's hospices and including the name of a contact person at the end of each article, hospice letter also serves as an exchange medium and promotes networking among hospice professionals.

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