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Employee Assistance

Employee assistance programs are becoming increasingly more common in today's worksites, and as the field grows, the responsibilities of employee assistance professionals are expanding as well. Health Resources Publishing produces a variety of materials geared toward professionals responsible for managing these programs.

Who We Serve:
EAP Manager, Manager EAP Dept, Executive Director, Human Resource Professional, Global Leader Employee Counsel, President & CEO, Benefits Specialist, Manager Clinical Services, EAP Program Supervisor, Assistant Vice President, Administrator, CEAP/Account Executive, Manager Faculty & Staff Assistant Program, Department Of Personnel, Statewide EAP Administrator, General Manager, Addictions Program Specialist, EAP Coordinator Employee Wellness, Director Health Services, Program Manager, Manager Of Care Service, Substance Abuse Administrator, Director Health Promotions, Medical Center Director, Prevention Director, EAP Director, EAP & Worklife Group

Among Our Clients:
Kaiser Permanente Health Care, Compaq, Pacific Bell, Champion International Corp, City Of San Francisco, New York University, Us Postal Service, Dow Chemical Co, Texas A & M University, Metro Wash Airport Authority, Carolina Power & Light Co, Anna Jacques Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, AFSCME Personal Support Program, United Firefighters Of La City, The Boeing Company, Teamsters Assistance Program, Weyerhaeuser Company, Alcoa, Continental Airlines, NFL, City Of Jacksonville, Cigna Behavioral Health, St Mary's Hospital, University Of California, Sandia National Laboratories, Equitable Life Assurance, New York State Employee Assistance Program, Straub Clinic & Hospital, Michelin Tire Corp., Phillips Petroleum Co

Our Services for Employee Assistance Program Professionals:

  • The Employee Assistance Program Management Letter
  • The Employee Assistance Professional as Executive Coach

    Please visit our new Employee Assistance website at http://www.eapmanager.com

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